Upcoming Events in July

The S.E. Texas B.A.S.S. Nation tournament season has come to a close, except for championships, of course.

With the regular season tournaments behind us, we are left yearning for more competition in our favorite sport. Thus, our Jelly Jars come to the rescue! We are planning a couple jelly jar tournaments per month until the end of the year to feed our need for our love of tournament bass fishing. The term “Jelly Jar” refers to an old phrase from back in the days when a bunch of good ol’ boys would get together on a lake, stuff their money in an old jelly jar, then fish to see who was gonna end up with all that dough. I think our jelly jar got busted somewhere along the way, but the tradition continues…

These jelly jars give us a great reason to keep in touch with each other in the off season and also maintain a competitive edge regarding locating and putting bass in the box. Fun fishing is fun and always will be, but a little money on the line kinda heightens the experience. A portion of our entries go into the club kitty as well, this helps keep us solvent and viable as a club. We are planning 2 jelly jars in July, one night derby, one day.

We are also holding a club meeting on July 17th, so if you aren’t currently an SCBC member and are thinking about joining a club, come on by and¬†introduce yourself.

Please check our Calendar Page for more details about upcoming events.

Thanks & tight lines y’all!

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